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Malika's poem ‘The Little Miracles’! wins

‘The Little Miracles’ takes as its departure point Tomas Tranströmer’s ‘Winter Night’; the raging storm of that poem is transformed into an interior storm, the poet’s mother’s stroke. Booker gives an uncompromising picture of the process of care and recovery: its fears, its effect on sibling relationships, its moments of false hope, its triumphs and gratitudes: ‘each spoonful of pureed food / slipped into her mouth like a tender offering takes us a step away / from feeding tubes, and we are so thankful for each minuscule miracle.’ 

When I first started, it was a closed shop. That’s why Roger Robinson and I started Malika’s Poetry Kitchen 20 years ago for black and working-class writers who weren’t getting the space

Malika BookerPioneer in poetry

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Founded in 2020, Obsidain is an international organization committed to cultivating the artistic and professional growth of Black poets.

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