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This means a larger audience for this work. A larger audience for this work may mean more eyes on The Ferguson Report. More eyes on the Report may mean more honest conversations about bias policing. This is the hope.

Nicole SealeyPoet

Her Story

Nicole began making erasures from the United States Department of Justice’s 2015 report detailing bias policing and court practices in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, three years after the murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson police: her shortlisted poem is an excerpt from this much longer work.

Sealey, who flew in from the US for the ceremony, uses what judges called the “stifling obfuscations” of the report into the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by members of the Ferguson police force in Missouri to create “new moments of lyrical beauty and contemplation”, and shine “a light on all that the report tries to hide”.

Forward poetry prize

The poem
Pages 22-29, an excerpt from The Ferguson Report: An Erasure’
Debut Collection
Ordinary Beast
Forward Prize for Best Single Poem 2021
Poem- "Even the Gods"

Author 4dmin

Founded in 2020, Obsidain is an international organization committed to cultivating the artistic and professional growth of Black poets.

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