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Poetry Review Podcast

Clementine E. Burnley and Zakia Carpenter-Hall discuss their experience on the Obsidian Foundation writing retreat, what it means to write in vernacular and how poetry can speak on behalf of a community. They read their poems: 'How To Eat Frogs' (Clementine E. Burnley), 'The Gold Price' (Zakia Carpenter-Hall), 'She Found God In Herself and She Loved Her Fiercely' (Zakia Carpenter-Hall) and 'A Swiss Lace Front Wig' (Clementine E. Burnley).

“Dzifa Benson speaks to Clementine E. Burnley and Zakia Carpenter-Hall.”

Dzifa Benson Writer

Author 4dmin

Founded in 2020, Obsidain is an international organization committed to cultivating the artistic and professional growth of Black poets.

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